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We offer a wide variety of solutions focused on talent development, safety and performance management of your workforce and operational efficiency of your business. So whether you choose one or a blend of our solutions we can help you to transform the way your workforce trains and develops.

Training management

Complete training management solutions

A full turnkey service that manages your training requirements from planning to delivery including logistics like travel and accommodation. all tracked by high performance cloud-based software.


Our team of industry experts can work with you to develop compliance and competence frameworks and job role training matrices to maximise the safety and effectiveness of your workforce.

Training and learning management software

A powerful platform of secure cloud-based software that enables you to manage, track and report on the safety, compliance and competence of your workforce.

Training delivery

Instructor-led training

Through our training companies, AIS Training and Survivex we are the number 1 energy sector training company in the UK. We offer over 450 courses delivered in state-of-the-art facilities providing best-in-class delegate experience.

On-site training

We offer a full portfolio of courses that we can deliver at your site or asset anywhere in the world. This can help to dramatically reduce costs and downtime usually associated with sending your workforce out to train.

Bespoke training courses

If you have specialised requirements, using our vast knowledge and expertise, we can design and develop any type of training course you require which can be delivered at our centres, online or onsite.

Technology-driven training

Transform, our platform of software and technology, provides you with access to a huge variety of immersive learning tools including Virtual Reality, E-Learn, Augmented Reality and Simulation.

Global training marketplace

The global marketplace is an online platform that connects global training suppliers with industries that require training. It aggregates courses to allow customers to find the best training at the best price, in the best location.

Modular and mobile training centres

A rapid training deployment solution that allows training to be delivered in remote, challenging or project/asset-based locations anywhere in the world. These flexible training centre units can be rapidly installed in any configuration to best suit your training needs.

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Software & Technology

Training management

This incredibly powerful software module is capable of managing every aspect of your organisation’s training management and booking workflow. This includes everything from understanding the training needs of your workforce to requesting and approving and then booking the training your workforce need to maintain or increase safety, compliance and competence.

Learning management

This module powers the technology-driven learning experiences offered by Transform, including E-Learn, V-Learn, R3 and our powerful simulator range.

Competence management

Getting a clear picture of the competence of your workforce is crucial but can be challenging. Transform's world-leading competence management module can help you manage and understand the on-the-job skills, knowledge and competence of your entire workforce.

Safety management

This software module maximises your on-site safety. To deliver this, the module monitors safety throughout the key stages of workforce management, from pre-mobilisation, including risk awareness monitoring and site inductions, to on-site safety management, including permit-to-work and toolbox talks.

Virtual reality

Our powerful, state-of-the-art, virtual reality-powered learning platform has been specifically designed to increase learning engagement and reduce training costs.


E-learning is a cost effective accessible way for your workforce to test their knowledge and understanding of the key safety, compliance and competence needs for their job roles.

R3 learning platform

The R3 platform is a ground-breaking micro learning app based on the principles of spaced repetition learning. R3 delivers subject specific training plans tailored to each worker allowing them to build their knowledge and make learning part of the everyday. R3 is particularly effective as a post learn tool to massively increase knowledge retention.

Augmented reality

AR allows you to bring to life interactive scenarios into your real-world environment through a tablet or mobile device. You then use the AR app to interact with the scene, creating a truly engaging learning experience.

Intelligence and Insight

At the heart of this module lie the real-time dashboards and reporting tools which are embedded in the entire Transform platform, providing you with vital insights into all aspects of your organisation’s operations.

Range of software & Technology packages

We offer a variety of starter and premium packages which gives you a selection of the tools tailored on your requirements.

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Portable Simulators

We offer a range of high performance portable, desktop size, simulators which can be deployed onsite.

Large simulators

Our full size immersive simulators are designed around real on-the-job work place environments to provide a fully realistic learning experience.

Well intervention Simulators

Well intervention simulators are designed to challenge and evaluate coil tubing and wireline operators from entry level to senior engineers.

Drilling and Well Control Simulators

DrillSIM simulators meet and exceed IADC and IWCF standards to offer the ultimate industry standard in drilling and well control training.

Crane and Lifting Simulators

crane operator training simulators represent the most innovative and flexible solutions available in crane and lifting training with full-size and portable options available.

Consultancy Services

We offer a range of compliance and competence services aimed at helping you to get the most from your simulator products and your workforce.

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Tailored products and services for specific industries

Training for Drilling Contractors

Training for O&G Service Companies

Training for the Energy Sector

Solutions for Training Companies

Solutions for Universities and Colleges

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